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18 Things to Do in Kansas City and Best Route 66

You will find Kansas City on the western edge of the state of Missouri. There is a lot to enjoy about the city and it will not take you long to discover it. Renowned for its bbqs, jazz music and (remarkably) its fountains of which there are more than 200.

Besides the noteworthy sights, top class museums and thrilling amusement and water parks, Kansas City is complete of quite areas and locations of simple and easy beauty that will keep you easily hooked and taking pleasure in the vibe of the city for at least a week. These are the: National World War 1 Museum The National World War 1 Museum is renowned throughout the country for being among the very best of its kind.

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Numerous Americans overlook the First World War but this museum, with its large informative display screens and cabinets loaded with weapons and uniforms, definitely does not. Visit the museum's Liberty Memorial for some of the very best scenic views of Kansas City. The Worlds of Enjoyable style park covers a massive 235 acres and has flights for any ages consisting of the legendary Mamba rollercoaster which, like the snake that shares its name, is one of the fastest and scariest worldwide.

In the summer, the park is open from 10 in the morning until 10 during the night. Negro Leagues Baseball Museum The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is among the few museums in the United States to explore the world of baseball when it was racially segregated. There were when African American just groups such as the New York Black Yankees and the story of the sports segregation and eventual combination is explored in depth at this museum.

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Mister Rhino at the Kansas City Zoo The Kansas City Zoo was established over a century back in 1909 and continues to draw in big crowds to this day. . The zoo is embeded in an area of over 200 acres and is best known for its Kenya and Tiger Path shows.

As with many zoos, the exhibitions are spread out and you must expect to do lots of walking and allow a full day for going to the zoo. Water Fountain at Nation Club Plaza The Nation Club Plaza is the premiere shopping destination in Kansas City however the genuine reason to go to is to appreciate the architecture of the Spanish architecture.

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There are walking tour brochures available, enabling you to tour the sights of the area and supplying details of the primary sights, including the sculptures. A lot of notable are the bullfight mural on Central Street and the impressive Neptune Water fountain. Another fantastic museum housed downtown at the 18th and Vine Complex, is the American Jazz Museum.

Among the most notable jazz artists, Charlie Parker, in fact lived and played in this really neighborhood. The museum is shown in a trendy manner and is, on the whole, extremely interactive. This may sound like an odd thing to do whilst in Kansas City but hair art was really a popular form of art in the 1800's.

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The collection is the only one of its kind on display screen to the general public making it a genuinely distinct experience and one that is guaranteed to stick in your memory. The Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City is also known for its excellent architecture as it is known for its collection of art - .

The collection housed at the museum consists of a number of paintings and photographs from Europe as well as a large and remarkable collection of Asian art work both past and present. College Basketball Experience The College Basketball Experience is truly just a jazzed up name for a basketball hall of fame.

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Even visitors who aren't basketball geeks will delight in having a go at complimentary tosses and commentating as others have a go. Whilst visiting the museum, you can also look at the joined Sprint Center which is presently utilized for shows but is on the hunt its own franchise. The Arabia Steamboat Museum, situated on Grand Boulevard in Kansas City, is unlike other museums.

The items were saved from the Missouri River when a steamboat sank in 1856 and, in spite of the river claiming many casualties for many years, there are no other museums that have handled to salvage lost items and put them on display like this one. Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Located in a helpful area on Warwick Boulevard, close to the Nation Club Plaza, this museum is a real pattern setter.

The 13 Best Things to Do in Kansas City Destinations for First-Timers

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Free assisted tours are offered and are a fantastic way to learn more about the artwork whilst appreciating it. The cafe within the museum, Cafe Sebastian, has been voted as one of the very best restaurants in the country and if you have some time (and cash) to spare it is well worth eating here.

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The collection started in 1982 when two personal collectors signed up with forces. The museum was then 7,000 square feet in area. It now occupies 33,000 square feet and homes 72,000 items. It is one of the largest collections of antique toys available to the general public. At just $5 to get in (free for under 4s) it is respectable worth too.

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The Community Bookshelf consists of design book spines, each determining 25 feet, which portray particular books advised by readers in the city. The Central Library is presently house to an exhibit showcasing Shakespeare in his early years and even has his very first folio, believed to be one of the rarest and most important books on the planet.

Since it opened in 1973, the arena has played host to an impressive 77,000,000 fans. Tours of the arena include access to the Royals hall of popularity, a close up appearance at the biggest HD screen at any baseball stadium and an interactive kids location. A trip of the arena is a fantastic experience for Royals fans or fans of the sport in general.

Family Friendly Activities in Kansas City Destinations

The piece de resistances within the Crown Center are the Sealife Fish tank, home to 5,000 sea creatures, and the Legoland Discovery Center, an interactive Lego experience with an impressive Lego store. The Center is also a terrific location to see a musical or have fun with the nationally prominent Coterie Theater and Musical Theater Heritage.

The brewery produces a variety of fresh and flavourful beers using local components. Tours of the big facility are free and last for forty minutes. The tours check out the history of the business, the developing procedure and, naturally, the required tasting space, where you can sample the finest Boulevard Brewing Company has to provide.

What are fun things to do in Kansas City?

Kauffman Centre for the Performing Arts Kansas City's Kauffman Center for the Carrying out Arts looks rather like the Sydney Opera Home and within the city it is just as renowned (). The unusual structure began life as a drawing on the back of a napkin and, now total, covers a location of 285,000 square feet.



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