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Published Aug 21, 20
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It's best known for its missions and downtown's River Walk, but the Alamo City has a lot more to provide. Think auto-repair shops that have been turned into taco joints, a landmark brewery that's now a high-end hotel, and a brand-new art museum, Ruby City. Multiple readers chimed in to state how family-friendly San Antonio is, too.

But T+L readers are adamant about not ignoring the state's capital: "Honolulu is the most interesting and intriguing city I've ever been in," composed one respondent. It offers tourists a dynamic variety of experiences, including lively markets, high-end shopping, the country's only royal palace, and of course beaches. "Don't go for less than seven days," encouraged another citizen.

" The city is one big art walk," wrote one T+L reader, who noted it also has "endless places to drink and eat." Asheville's friendly, diverse personality also stood apart to tourists. "Just sitting on a downtown bench you can feel the pulse of the city," shared one participant. "It has something for everyone.

If you are visiting in the summer season, there is the French Broad River for rafting. I am constantly left desiring more." "Small-town and big-city vibes" is how one T+L reader explained Austin's appeal. Despite years of growth, the Texan city has actually managed to keep a lot of its signature quirkiness while adding a healthy dosage of sophistication.

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" You can satisfy new good friends and dance the night away," composed one fan. However much more people applauded the ever-diversifying food scene, which encompasses food trucks, pop-ups, breweries, cocktail bars, refined omakase, and of course barbecue. It's a lot more than a honky-tonk town though if you seek energy-packed nightlife and live music, you won't be dissatisfied.

As one T+L reader put it: "We could not have actually had more enjoyable if we tried." "A certain must for American history addicts," composed one T+L reader. The pocket-size city has 3 significant historic websites: the Jamestown Settlement (English colonists got here there in the early 17th century); Yorktown Battleground (where the British gave up); and Colonial Williamsburg (a living history museum, where staff members work and impersonate residents did in the 18th century).

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" Our most majestic city," enthused one T+L reader. But Washington isn't simply the Mall or the Neoclassical government buildings. Recently, the American capital has actually gone through a hip transformation with the addition of brand-new hotels (the Line DC and Conrad, among them), buzzy dining establishments like Maydan and Estuary, and cultural spaces, such as the Glenstone just across the Potomac.

Though some months are completely cold, it's much easier than one may believe to take cold weather in stride, thanks to the lakes and parks that appear wonderful even in mid-winter. But above all else, T+L readers can't get enough of the complex cooking scene. "Many craft cocktail locations have opened, as well as a variety of super amazing dining establishments," one enthused.

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" Great for consumers but so sweet to simply walk through the narrow streets, dip into tiny alcoves of book shops and covert Zen gardens, and stroll up towards the play ground and smell the pines," mused one World's Finest citizen. "On a hot day, stroll to the coast and be enveloped by the natural appeal." Echoed another, "Everything is a sight for sore eyes." And don't overlook the art scene in simply one square mile, Carmel has nearly 75 galleries.

If you like antebellum architecture, stunning river views, and southern hospitality in spades, Natchez is for you. The town is overflowing with perfectly preserved estates and many offer tours. There's the Longwood, which has sat incomplete given that 1861 when construction was stopped briefly for the Civil War; the 1859 Greek Revival Stanton Hall, where Union troops hid; and the 1823 Rosalie Mansion, on a bluff neglecting the Mississippi.

A required stop for supper is Magnolia Grill, right on the Mississippi River; the shrimp po' kid and crawfish etouffe will not disappoint.

It's not presently a safe or accountable time to be traveling the world. Any travel material you find here is just meant for motivation and research right now! Likewise, some posts on this website contain affiliate links, indicating if you book or buy something through among these links, I may earn a small commission (at no additional expense to you!).

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When it comes to the US, there are a handful of "beloveds" in the tourism world. States like New York and California and Florida get great deals of love, as do areas like the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. But do you know which region gets regularly ignored by many travelers? The American Midwest isn't known for mountains or beaches or amusement park; it's known for farms and (previous) industry, and for individuals who are really, truly nice.

However, going by the most common division of the US into 4 major areas (the Northeast, the Midwest, the West, and the South), 12 states make up the Midwest. The Midwestern states are: Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Ohio Wisconsin I haven't quite visited every corner of the Midwest (I have actually been to all the states, however have actually spent more time in some than others), but I have actually seen enough of the region in recent years to understand that the cities of the Midwest are not what they were 10 years ago.

Contribute to this the unique history and beautiful landscapes of the Midwest (because, no, contrary to popular belief it's not all corn fields here!), and you have a lot of places worthy of a visit. It's always tough to create a list like this, but here are 7 Midwestern cities I think you should visit if you haven't already: Okay, so I'm a bit prejudiced on this one because I only live about thirty minutes south of Cleveland and have actually resided in northeast Ohio my whole life.

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Found right on Lake Erie, Cleveland's history dates back to the late 1700s. It experienced a population boom in the 1800s with the conclusion of the Ohio and Erie Canal, and it stayed prosperous throughout the century. In fact, by 1920, Cleveland was the fifth-largest city in the United States.

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Cleveland is now typically the butt of pop culture jokes (yes, our river caught on fire as soon as; yes, our football group draws), however Cleveland is not the same city it was 10 or twenty years earlier; it's not even the very same city it was 5 years ago! Now the city has fantastic dining establishments, numerous craft breweries, a clean beachfront, and an outstanding lineup of museums.

It remained in Cleveland in the 1950s that disc jockey Alan Freed created the term "rock-and-roll" to describe a new kind of music that he helped promote on the radio. The Rock Hall is a wonderful museum dedicated to rock music and its affect on culture worldwide. (Purchase your tickets here.) Located in Cleveland's Ohio City community (currently hipster central in the city), the West Side Market is a grocery store that's been running for more than 100 years.



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