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We have some terrific routes, great mountain biking, great roadway cycling," boasts Hernandez. "So I think outdoors is what's driving traffic today and tourism." Northwest Arkansas has ended up being a mountain cycling mecca with numerous miles of a few of the finest tracks in the United States. Hernandez says the tracks are a little busier than regular, and she's observed lots of Missouri license plates on parking area at the trailheads.

However, if you develop a thirst or an appetite on the routes, you'll most likely have to take it to go. Hernandez states numerous dining establishments, bars, breweries and shops in Fayetteville are either closed or open only for curbside pickup. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, is the region's other significant draw however remains closed.

Deborah Ward with Go to Omaha says the city brought in more than 185,000 Kansas City-area visitors in 2015. In fact, no city check outs Omaha more than Kansas City does." When we take a look at our leading seven feeder markets, Kansas City is primary," says Ward. Des Moines, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Sioux Falls and St.

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Almost a quarter of visitors from Kansas City stop at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, which has primarily re-opened with a stringent one-way course through the exhibits. The Old Market community, filled with store stores, bars, hotels, breweries and restaurants. That's the second most popular destination for Kansas Citians in Omaha.

The 3rd most popular destination in Omaha is a sweeping, 3000-foot suspension bridge extending over the Missouri River to Iowa best for a socially distanced walk. The pedestrian bridge is called after for former Nebraska Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey, however it's more affectionately called "Bob the Bridge.".

United StatesCoastal snobs will lose out on a special American experience by skipping Kansas City. Located on the border of Kansas and Missouri, this welcoming city, with an urbane location of 2 million individuals, is among America's barbecue hotspots, with molasses sweetened sauce and an unique dish called "charred Find out more.

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Kansas City is a large, major midwestern city on the border of Missouri and Kansas. It is the largest city in Missouri with a population around 450,000 people, and more than 2 million in its city location (2015 price quote). View of Kansas City from the top of Liberty Memorial.

Kansas City is a city that tends to hide itself from tourists. Having reportedly more boulevards than Paris and more water fountains than any other city in the world except for Rome, it is a lovely city, too. Two neighboring cities sharing the very same name: Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO.

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Kansas City, Missouri is the primary city of the city. The suburbs are largely south of the main city, though the area north of the Missouri River (understood in your area as the Northland) is beginning to experience development comparable to the south. Numbering of east/west streets starts at the Missouri River with the east/west division taking place at Main Street.

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Environment Jan Feb Mar Apr Might Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Daily highs ( F) 39 45 56 66 76 85 90 89 80 68 54 42 Nightly lows ( F) 22 26 36 47 57 67 72 70 60 49 37 26 Precipitation ( in) 1.14 1.48 2.15 3.71 5.13 5.52 3.97 4.39 4.16 3.52 2.14 1.75 Due to the absence of any big body of water close by, KC experiences a continental climate with big swings and extremes of temperature.

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Snow accumulation happens 3-5 times each year, typically, sometimes going beyond a foot (31 cm). KC enjoys really pleasant spring and autumn weather condition, but suffers hot, damp summer seasons. It is not unusual for the temperature level to stay above 90F (32C) for weeks at a time, during July and August. Because of the heat, almost all structures in KC are equipped with cooling.

The bulk of the rain falls in Apr-Jun, however even in these wettest months, rain is light, compared to other cities in the area. Kansas City is located in an area known as "twister street". A lot of tornadoes take place in the so-called Tornado Street the tornado-prone area of the United States, from Texas north into Kansas and the surrounding states of the Great Plains region.

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For this reason, a lot of homes in Kansas City have basements in order to gear up locals with a safe place to go if a twister types in the location. Downtown Kansas City is normally defined as the locations consisting of the River Market, the main business district (the "Loop"), the Crossroads Arts District, Crown Center and Union Station.

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Numerous once-abandoned buildings in downtown have been (or are being) rebuilt into high-dollar condos and loft homes. The demand for houses downtown is rather high. In October of 2007, the Sprint Center sports arena was finished, bringing a contemporary sports and entertainment venue to the downtown core. The Power and Light District was built and opened in 2008.

A new performing arts center south of the convention center area opened in 2011. In 2016, the downtown Street Cars and truck was completed, which links these locations together. The Street Vehicle ranges from Union Station to the River Market. The "Downtown Council" runs security and cleaning/maintenance teams, who keep downtown's streets clean and act as a security existence.

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Traveling north to south, the River Market is the very first neighborhood one encounters, south of the banks of the Missouri River. A blossoming urban area, it houses many shops, restaurants, bars, and an extremely active farmers' market that convenes every Saturday and Sunday, even in winter. The River Market is one of the most diverse areas in the city-- with restaurants serving Ethiopian Food to Creole Food to Brazilian.

Crossing the north sector of the loop takes you from the River Market to the CBD. This is where Kansas City's famed skyline reaches its greatest heights, further highlighted by its position on top of a large hill. The CBD has the principal concentration of white-collar work in the metro location.

From here, crossing the south sector of the loop will bring a visitor into the Crossroads Arts District, which is a local center for art, culture, and night life. Numerous new bars and breweries are popping up in the area and there is definitely a hipster-vibe within these streets. The Crossroads is likewise home to the Kauffman Preforming Arts Center.

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The nearby Liberty Memorial is the world's very first World War I memorial and has amazing views from the top. Simply south of Crown Center is Union Hill, another revitalized location providing some of the very best skyline views in the city. A visitor goes into Midtown when they cross 31st Street.

Just south of Midtown is the Nation Club Plaza, known in your area as "the Plaza", an outdoor shopping center, designed after Seville, Spain. Farther south is the Waldo/Brookside area marked by more bars and a fantastic pre-war area. Further south, the city gives way to rural development, which continues for about 10-15 mi (16-24 km), prior to paving the way to rural farmland and pastures.



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